Debt Recovery

GUR LAW FIRM assist its clients on all liquidation and recovery issues of which funding and restructuring are frequently integral parts. We have broad experience acting for liquidation practitioners in litigation and investigation, the recovery and disposal of assets, and collecting the debts/ receivables from foreign and domestic banks accrued from companies and persons.

We believe that the only method to get results in debt recovery is to adapt a hard and fast approach to the field. We customize our services to each client and adapt our debt recovery procedures according to the client’s individuals needs.

Mortgages in implied collection of the receivables of banks are imposed and all legal operations regarding the other securities received and negotiations with the debtors are conducted by GUR LAW FIRM.

Our aim is not only to maximise recovery, but also to keep costs proportionate. We advise creditors on taking and enforcing security and methods to protect their position before and after a debtor becomes insolvent. The team advises creditors on taking and enforcing security actions and strategies to protect their position prior to and after a debtor becomes insolvent. The aim is to maximize recovery, while keeping costs as low as possible. The firm has a large network of correspondent lawyers throughout Turkey and the world, as well as a competent team of paralegals for handling the debt recovery and collection procedures on a timely and effective manner.

  • Legal proceedings on behalf of banks regarding personal bad loans including credit card debts
  • Legal proceedings on behalf of Asset Management Companies
  • All kinds of enforcement executions
  • Securization; obtaining all types of securities
  • Works in collaboration with Litigation and Corporate departments
Salih Arif YARAR